We have different options for women, men and children.


​※All rates are subject to 10% tax.

アプサラ衣装 Apsara<大人気>


カンボジア伝統舞踊の アプサラ衣装は一番の人気です。 全4色レッド・ホワイト・パープル・グリーンよりお選びいただけます。


The traditional costume for women 'Apsara' is the number one popular outfit in our store. You can select your favorite color from various choices such as red, white, purple and green.


$50(+VAT10%) / 120min

3 pieces of photo data to choose

メカラ衣装 Mekara




‘Mekara’ outfit is the outstanding beautiful clothes with the combination of brilliant colors. You can choose from total 4 color variation of red, blue, green and yellow.



$50(+VAT10%) / 120min

3 pieces of photo data to choose

アスラ衣装 Asura

カンボジア伝統衣装の男性用。 「アスラ」は本格的な着付けが体験できます。 全3色レッド・ブルー・イエローよりお選びいただけます。


The Cambodian traditional costumes for men. You can try professional dressing with ‘Asura’ You can choose from total 3 color variations of red, blue and yellow.


$40(+VAT10%) / 90min

3 pieces of photo data to choose

キッズ衣装 Children


お子様用のカンボジア伝統衣装もご用意しています。 全5色レッド・ブルー・グリーン・イエロー・バープルよりお選びいただけます。


The kids’ outfits are also available for photo shooting. You can choose from total 5 color variation of blue, green, yellow and purple.


$15(+VAT10%) / 60min
3 pieces of photo data to choose

アプサラ&メカラ衣装 Apsara&Mekara




If you are not sure which one to choose we recommend you to opt for this package as you can wear both costumes and take advantage of the discount. 


$85(+VAT10%)/ 150min
3 pieces of photo data to choose

カップルプラン Asura & Apsara


This plan includes the costume rental Asura for men and Apsara for women. It is a definitely recommended plan for any couples. Women can change their outfit to Mekara outfit in this plan.


$85(+VAT10%) / 120min
3 pieces of photo data to choose

Apsara dancing Lesson

オプション Optional



photo together with your family or friend
(includes 3 photos)

  • $5(+VAT10%) / person
    +3 pieces of photo data to choose


現像サービス(1プラン) printable version

  • $5(+VAT10%/ photo


野外撮影 Outdoor photography

  • $30(+VAT10%) / fot 2 persons

  • $35(+VAT10%) / for 3 persons

アプサラダンス体験 Apsara dancing class




We offer one hour apsara dancing class. Our professional apsara teacher will teach you the most popular apsara dances. 



  • アプサラダンス(1名)$50(+VAT10%)

  • アプサラ衣装&アプサラダンス $85(+VAT10%)

(3 pieces of photo data to choose)

  • for one person (including Cambodian traditional trousers)

  • for one person or groups (including apsara costume)
    (+VAT10%)/person (3 pieces of photo data to choose)

その他 Others




If you are looking for professional and original photos of your events, tours or other activities, please do not hesitate to contact us by email or telephone. Price quotes will be provided and depend on customer request.